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October 04, 2016

Shatto's Frontier Drug 

Shatto’s Frontier Drug builds smoking cessation resources with Respiratory Care program.

Gary and Jan Shatto, owners of Shatto’s Frontier Drug, are the definition of Good Neighbor Pharmacists. Located in Douglas, WY, the Shatto family have formed a strong bond, working to provide exemplary customer service and quality patient care. Gary is the lead pharmacist, Jan is a member of the technician staff, and their daughter, Tanisha, is an active pharmacist working alongside her father.

Since 1979, Frontier Drug has been a leader in the Douglas community, managing the health and wellness of each and every customer who walks through their doors. Gary and Jan are always looking into the newest and most innovative technologies to help care for their patients. They recently instituted the new Respiratory Care program, providing COPD lung-age screening test and assessing a patient’s risk potential for COPD. The Shatto family even set aside extra space in the pharmacy, providing a private and personal consultation area for counseling patients on smoking cessation techniques and aids. Frontier Drug also offers an extensive Home Health Care line and is recognized as the local experts, taking the time to match the patient with the necessary and appropriate equipment or supplies. This is just a small sample of why the Shatto family is so important to their community. Gary, Jan and Tanisha are the epitome of a family pharmacy who truly cares about the health of their customers and community, exemplifying what being a Good Neighbor is all about.

Stultz Pharmacy

Stultz Pharmacy fills high prescription volume by using automation technology.

In January of 2011, Brad and his wife Leslie bought two Stultz Pharmacy Inc. locations from Brad’s father, adding to a family legacy that dates back to 1979. Stultz Pharmacy Inc. is a proud family-owned business, built on four generations of hard work and dedication. While taking on nearby chain pharmacies, both locations continue to thrive with no sign of ever slowing down. Along with a high prescription volume, they also offer a full line of DME, diabetic shoes, Diabetes Shoppe, and a very extensive OTC section. They are the largest provider for the C&O Hospital Association on the east coast and have been a leader in automation, utilizing workflow and robotics for over 10 years. On September 3rd 2013, Brad and Leslie opened their third location in Wheelersburg, OH. The new location comes with an expansive pharmacy selection and is also conveniently attached to an Urgent Care Center for one of the local hospitals. Brad is on the local health department board of directors, a deacon at his church, the high school golf coach, director of the Upward basketball program for his church, and a father of two wonderful boys.  On top of everything else, Brad and his wife Leslie are extremely dedicated to their community, donating their time and money to many local organizations and events throughout the year. Stultz Pharmacy Inc. is a proven community leader with four generations of superior care, and we’re proud to call them a Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

Sullivan Pharmacy

Sullivan Pharmacy demonstrates commitment to effective patient care with unique medication adherence program, 24- hour emergency service and MTM consultations.

Sullivan Pharmacy’s commitment to effective patient care and community has made it not only a Good Neighbor, but an essential one. Serving Bacliff and San Leon in Galveston County, owner/pharmacist Joe Sullivan has been a trusted part of his community for over 25 years. He offers 24-hour emergency service, actively participates in Medication Therapy Management (MTM) consultations, and has developed his own medication adherence to program for his chronically ill patients, in keeping with the Star Ratings system.

The 1000-square foot front end is a one-stop shop for Home Health Care products, services, information, and has a fully-stocked Diabetes Shoppe. In 2014, the pharmacy expanded its personalized health care options with the addition of certified compounding technicians. Sullivan holds an annual health fair with diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol screening, and has been the exclusive immunizer for the local school district since 2006.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in 2009, Sullivan Pharmacy provided tetanus shots to people injured in the storm. Joe Sullivan was awarded the Public Hero Award by the Galveston County Health District for his tireless efforts. Like Joe himself, Sullivan Pharmacy is the Good Neighbor you rely on.

Strawberry Hills Pharmacy

Strawberry Hills Pharmacy uses state-of-the-art compounding lab to be a cornerstone in the regional medical community.

On January 3, 2011, Daniel Jones opened the doors to Strawberry Hills Pharmacy, and a dream became a reality. Since that day, Strawberry Hills Pharmacy has become a cornerstone in the local community, as well as the regional medical community. They house the largest state-of-the-art compounding lab found in the tri-state region, with two dedicated sterile rooms and the most innovative technology available anywhere. Dedicated to the health and wellness of their customers and physicians, Strawberry Hills offers countless medical savings plans, healthcare programs and free educational opportunities. One of their most impactful efforts came in September of 2013 with the creation of the Healthy Living and Wellness Expo. The purpose of the event was to educate the community on all aspects of healthy living, including physical, financial, family and spiritual health.

The commitment of Daniel Jones and the entire pharmaceutical staff stretches far beyond educational opportunities and innovative technology. They genuinely care about their customers and will do whatever it takes to improve the lives of others. That’s what makes Strawberry Hills Pharmacy a leader in the community and a true Good Neighbor Pharmacy.

Village Pharmacy

Village Pharmacy advances public health and patient care through improved medication use. 

Ann Ervin and Linda Tantum opened Village Pharmacy in Allentown, New Jersey, in 2004. Its location has housed an operating pharmacy for over 50 years. Ann and Linda employ 12 people including two part-time pharmacists and two techs in a 2,500-square-foot pharmacy and 900-square-foot compounding area.

Village Pharmacy welcomes new customers with open arms, and it continues to grow. Recently, an expanded lab to compound non-sterile prescriptions was added. The pharmacy also features a Diabetes Shoppe, flu vaccination programs, a prescription savings club, and an unsalable returns program. Ann and Linda have been unflagging in their efforts to identify trends and keep track of customer needs. If a patient can’t find something, they will do everything in their power to find it for them.

Ann and Linda have earned a reputation for being consultative, knowledgeable, and an essential part of their community. Ann was chosen as “Allentown’s Woman of the Year” in 2009 and was honored in the Allentown Memorial Day parade. She is also a member of the Upper Freehold-Allentown Municipal Alliance, which sponsors drug abuse education to children in local schools.

Ann and Linda have raised the bar for health services in their area by advancing public health and patient care through improved medication use. Village Pharmacy is knowledge driven with a sharp focus on creating the warmest, safest, healthiest environment for its customers. It is the very model of what a Good Neighbor Pharmacy represents.

Moundsville Pharmacy

Moundsville Pharmacy utilizes automation technolgoy to streamline workflow and create more time for patient care.

Moundsville Pharmacy in Marshall County, West Virginia, along the Ohio River, has been owned and operated by Jason Turner for over a decade. His commitment to his community and his patients routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. Jason makes sure each customer feels like family and not just another person coming through the door.

His passion to serve the people of Marshall County and to grow his operation led him to be an early adopter of automation technologies, including the use of a ScriptPro vial filling robot. Moundsville was also forward thinking in looking into state-of-the-art double-lane, drive-through windows that can accommodate large supply boxes for his diabetic patients.

As a member of the Good Neighbor Pharmacy network, community outreach is vital to Moundsville Pharmacy. Its health care services are extensive and include blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol screenings as well as bone mineral density testing, flu clinics, and body fitness information days.

Moundsville is a sterling example of a pharmacy that cares deeply about its community, the hallmark of a Good Neighbor!

St. George Pharmacy

St. George Pharmacy embraces caring for their community with the addition of an in-house medical center. 

It’s 32 years now that Al Gentile has been caring for his community as owner of the St. George Pharmacy on Staten Island. This summer, the community said thank you. New York City’s Department of Small Business Services recently named Gentile’s friendly drugstore — a Good Neighbor Pharmacy affiliate — one of its 23 inaugural honorees as a Community Cornerstone Business.

The award celebrates small businesses from across the five boroughs that have served their local communities for at least 20 years. Being chosen means that St. George Pharmacy will receive access to a suite of free support services, including one-on-one business advising sessions, a pre-paid .NYC web domain name for a year, and the chance to be featured in a citywide advertising campaign.

That’s some well-deserved kudos. St. George, long a charitable neighborhood stalwart, has made a fresh splash in recent years since Gentile relocated the store to a larger space across the street, from 100 to 99 Stuyvesant Place, in order to add an in-house medical center. The move meant that St. George was now the first independently owned pharmacy in New York City to have an operating physician, Dr. Privilage Masoni, practicing on site. Now that’s acting like a Good Neighbor!

HB Pharmacy

Expanding into compounding, offering medical screenings and medication management counciling are just a few ways HB Pharmacy demonstrates their committment to patient care.

John Bellitti’s father, Gaspar, founded HB Pharmacy in 1964. Those who knew the elder pharmacist still fondly recall how he cared personally for the New Jersey drugstore’s neighbors, coming into work in the middle of the night to fill emergency prescriptions and, delivering medicine to people’s home during bad weather.

When the younger Bellitti took the reins in 1992, it quickly became clear that he was just as passionately dedicated to upholding the same quality of care on behalf of the people of North Arlington, N.J. Over the years, he’s demonstrated that commitment again and again: expanding the pharmacy to be able to help patients get better, opening a compounding practice, offering free monthly medical screenings, and more.

In a small town with a large percentage of seniors, HB Pharmacy’s personal attention to service has a huge impact on people’s quality of life. That’s why patients nominated HB as a finalist for 2016 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year.

One of the things regulars appreciate most is HB’s dedication to helping patients with their medication management. “Somebody’s on six, seven, eight medicines,” Bellitti points out, “it’s a lot to think about.” That’s why he and his team members always take the time to talk with patients, no matter what’s going on. After all, that’s what being a Good Neighbor means.

The Prescription Pad

The Prescription Pad offers diversified services to grow their business while meeting the needs of their community. 

“Pharmacist Trenton Jenks hadn’t been expecting to take over managing the operations of The Prescription Pad, the hard-working Good Neighbor Pharmacy that serves Fruitland, Idaho’s close, tight-knit community of 5,000 residents.” Then, the drugstore’s owner, looking to retire, spoke one of the most important sentences of Jenks’s life: “If you don’t buy us, we’re going to be closing our doors in just a few weeks.”

That wasn’t acceptable to Jenks. So he took on the responsibility of providing the people of Fruitland with the kind of attentive healthcare support they’ve depended on since The Prescription Pad’s predecessor, Ontario Pharmacy, was founded 111 years ago.

In addition to regular over-the-counter services, The Prescription Pad serves the community with immunizations, medication delivery, mail-out service, a convenient drive-through window, free consultations, and more. Speaking of the pharmacy’s compounding services, local veterinarian Dr. Lindsay Norman offers her appreciation: “They’ve provided for me things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do.”

“Building relationships is one of the most important things we can do,” Jenks says. The Prescription Pad’s patients are its neighbors, he says, but even more than that: “They’re our family. And that environment is what’s growing our business.” And it’s why they were nominated as a finalist for 2016 Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year.


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