Pharmacy Spotlight 2017


Celebrating American Pharmacists Month by highlighting the good work and innovative thinking of community pharmacies across the country.

October 03, 2017

St. George Pharmacy

Congratulations to our Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year winner, St. George Pharmacy!

You know you’re doing something right when your customers keep coming back year after year. When they come back for 35 years straight, you’ve proven to be more than just a smart choice,but an essential part of your community. St. George Pharmacy on New York's Staten Island is just such a place. 

Owner and pharmacist Al Gentile has been serving his Staten Island patients since 1983 and credits a love of caring for his community for his longstanding success and enduring passion.Today he has the pleasure of providing the same old fashioned, personable service to the grandchildren of some of his original customers.

St. George has been a bedrock of the area through good times and bad. When Superstorm Sandy hit the region in 2012 and it was unclear how long the recovery would take, he made certain that his patients were stocked with enough medication to last them five days. Gentile and St. George are throwbacks to an era when the pharmacist knew his patients by name and considered their health and well being a shared responsibility. In his own words, his mission is “Supporting the people that support me,” which is what being a Good Neighbor is all about.


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