Effective Use of Social Media, Part 3


Effective Use of Social Media: Common Mistakes to Avoid

There can be a number of things to avoid when establishing your presence in the world of social media. The most common mistake is an unwillingness to participate at all. Fear of the unknown or a lack of desire to learn can prohibit the potential for your store's growth. Remember, possible new customers may be just one click of the mouse away. 

Social media does not take a large financial investment to get started and achieve success.  It does take a certain amount of time. Letting the social media you are using languish and die is a quick way to lose followers and customers. You have to update the information on your webpage or social media site regularly if you expect people to follow you seriously. If you are unable to update your posts regularly, give control of your site to a trusted employee to do so on the store's behalf. Also, make sure to go over the rules you wish for him or her to abide by and review some of the intended posts before the employee starts communicating for you. 

Understanding what an important news item to post versus what might be considered a controversial one is another important mistake to avoid. I advise staying away from hot-button topics such as drug shortages and instead focus on announcing news like when medications go off-patent. Contentious issues could disturb your "followers," so I've found it best to avoid them altogether.

Social Media Quick Tip:
Unsure about an intended online post?

Ask a trusted friend or family member about your intended content for a particular post you plan to use. 

Also, stick to the facts. Trying to offer witty, entertaining posts can often be misinterpreted by those who read it, and the result could be those customers no longer coming through the door.  

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