Effective Use of Social Media, Part 2


Effective Use of Social Media: Turning Friends Into Customers

Understand that social media has a worldwide audience.  You may have friends next door or 1,500 miles away. In my opinion, if you're looking at social media as your sole means of marketing your pharmacy, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Social media keeps your name out in the marketplace and can be a great way to alert people about your store or website as well as enable you to tell a little more about your offerings. At its basic level, social media is free, so use it to supplement the advertising and messaging you're doing through more traditional methods. 

It's important to understand that your following will not experience explosive growth overnight. You have to nurture it through the right mixture of education and advertising (see part 1 of this blog). Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come. But make no mistake: the first step is to build it. Most customers, especially those with smart phones, don't use phone books anymore. They search for information about businesses on the business' own webpage, so just having a presence on the web is another good way to start turning those who search for you online into those that actually visit your store. 

Lastly, tracking the success of your social media efforts is a great way to understand who might be a follower as well as an actual customer. Build relationships by interacting with individuals online if they comment or post on information you share. Speak with customers at checkout to learn how they heard about your store or a promotion you might be offering. If you're a Facebook user, you can also purchase an ad, scalable to the amount of advertising budget you're willing to spend. It will be targeted to your desired market, and can help you track who might be clicking through to your website. 

Social Media Quick Tip:
Looking for a quick way to grow your social media following?

Ask personal friends to refer your business to others online or have a drawing where only those that "like" your store can compete to win.  And, make sure you let those who don't currently follow you know that they're missing out.

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