Policy and Patient Access to Care


Where Policy Meets the Real World of Patient Access to Care: Evolving Support Services in the Era of Healthcare Reform

Register to listen as we discuss the evolving support services to address the challenges and opportunities brought about by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The re-election of President Obama and the ACA being upheld by the Supreme Court serves to fortify and drive the continued implementation of healthcare reform. AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services' experts Tracy Foster, President of Lash Group, and Stacie Heller, Vice President of Health Policy at Xcenda, will examine the implementation to date and look ahead to the key milestones that will inform manufacturer support service strategies and tactics.

Tracy and Stacie will provide insights on:

  • What has been the impact to patient access since the passing of the ACA, and how have manufacturers responded?
  • What do the next 2 to 3 years of implementation look like, and what services will best address the evolving landscape?
  • What can manufacturers do now to track what's happening with the ACA and prepare their services to best support patients and providers? 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand where states are in the process of reform implementation
  • Recognize the importance of analyzing current patient assistance program (PAP) data to identify migration targets and estimated costs associated with differing patient access approaches
  • Identify the importance of creating recommended migration strategies for each state and the potential benefit in targeting key markets


Tracy Foster, President, Lash Group
Stacie Heller, Vice President, Health Policy, Xcenda

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