Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience, Trend 5


Having the right data is more important than ever, but turning data into actionable insights is challenging.

July 12, 2016

For years, the concept of "big data" has conjured images of endless possibilities throughout the healthcare arena. But far more important than amassing impressive caches of data from various sources is the ability to make sense of the data and recognize trends that can inform and support the pharma brand team. The ability to turn data into actionable information serves all stakeholders. It allows both pharma and physicians to continue making advances in patient care by making decisions that improve outcomes.

Despite the staggering amount of data generated on a daily basis in healthcare, considerable challenges remain. The sheer volume of the potential data assets that are available today - from oncology practices, payers, supply chain partners, the list goes on and on - creates a daunting scenario for brand teams. And it's not just disparate data sources; further complicating the oncology data picture is the complex nature of the disease itself and the precise nature of approved label indications for so many of today's approved oncology agents.

For manufacturers, the feeling of data overload is very real. How can pharma find the right data, from the right sources and integrate it in the right way to power product performance and patient outcomes?

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