Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience, Trend 2


Oncologists are facing greater burdens due to the increased prevalence of different value frameworks and clinical pathways.

June 08, 2016

As the cost of care continues to rise, scrutiny on the cost-effectiveness of treatments is stronger than ever. Manufacturers, payers, physicians and patients are united through the common goal of improving clinical outcomes. To achieve that cost-effectively, physicians are under pressure to defend their clinical decision-making and prescribing practices through a more stringent lens, while pharmaceutical companies are expected to provide more evidence to demonstrate the overall value (and justify the cost) of their specialty medications.

A variety of clinical oncology value frameworks, as well as clinical pathways that are developed and published by various commercial entities, could play a much larger role in determining which therapeutic options oncologists can prescribe at the point of care. Critics claim that such restrictions limit physician autonomy and patient access to the most clinically appropriate treatment options.

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Having the right data is more important than ever, but turning data into actionable insights is challenging.

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