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    • The Who, When and Why of GPO Contract Data

      Learn what GPO contract data can show manufacturers about utilization and more. As with many other industries, data collection and analysis has become a critical tool for visibility in pharma. Not surprisingly, many providers are taking a closer look at the effectiveness of group purchasing organization (GPO) contracts as a way to collectively aggregate important information about the value of the drugs they administer and promote safer and more efficient administration of drugs to patients. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can capitalize on the visibility offered through GPO partnerships for access to the right information to help find opportunities for provider education, patient assistance, additional contract value and more.
      by AmerisourceBergen
    • Congress Close to Repealing SGR

      More on The SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2015, legislation introduced in both the House and Senate last week to repeal the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula that has threatened Medicare payments to physicians since its inception in 1997.
      Stacie Heller by Stacie Heller
    • CONITEC: Redefining HTA and Understanding the Emerging Market in Brazil

      With an estimated population of over 200 million and a growing domestic economy, Brazil ranks as having the sixth largest pharmaceutical market globally and a healthcare sector that is presently evolving in how it addresses access to safe, effective medicines. Learn more about its managing agency, CONITEC.
      Roshan Rahnama by Roshan Rahnama
    • Measles Matters

      Learn how independent pharmacies can protect patients with measles vaccinations and outbreak education.
      Christy Truong by Christy Truong
    • Biosimilars in the US: Are We There Yet?

      On January 7, the FDA held the first ODAC meeting for a biosimilar. This significant event drew much attention as numerous stakeholders seek greater understanding of the FDA's position on questions such as how biosimilars will be named, whether the FDA will allow extrapolation of indications without direct clinical data for some of the indications and what requirements there will be for interchangeability. This article addresses these questions and other key learnings from the January 7 meeting.
      Sara Fernandez-Lopez by Sara Fernandez-Lopez
    • The Real Cost of Readmissions

      With data on rewards and repercussions for readmissions emerging for 2015, it’s clear the cost of readmissions is real. The infographic below demonstrates the impact of readmissions on the healthcare system, barriers to reducing readmissions rates and what health systems can do to make improvements.
      Thomas Renshaw by Thomas Renshaw
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